Development of a mobile robot with a roomba base and 3D motion controller

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Tortue is an ongoing project aimed to develop a mobile robot with a Roomba 5XX base and a 3D motion controller, using the Robot Operating System (ROS) Platform. Latest release is version 1.0.0 which uses a Roomba 560 base and ASUS Xtion Pro Live motion sensor on ROS Electric Emys.


Video Links

Basic obstacle avoidance, Tortue Version-1.0.0

Development team

  1. Arkapravo Bhaumik (
  2. Koushik Kabiraj (



Date : 30 March 2013, Saturday
Hardware : Roomba 560, ASUS Xtion Pro Live, iRobot FTDI cable, 
           ACER Aspire One notebook laptop
Software Platform : ROS Electric (ROS 1.6.9)
Accomplishments : Basic obstacle avoidance using pcl


For this ROS package, the following must be installed,

  1. roomba_robot
  2. serial_communication
  3. openni_kinect
  4. perception_pcl

It may be advisable to have a read about the roomba 500 drivers package installation and running.

To build the package

Make sure the package is in your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

$ rosmake tortue

To run the package

This package should work well for any robot equipped with a Roomba 5XX base and an OpenNI device. We have used Roomba 560 and ASUS Xtion Pro Live.

roomba 560

Xtion Pro-Live

Make sure the Roomba is connected via an ftdi or bluetooth and switch on the robot, the CLEAN button will have a light on, start the following node,

$ roslaunch tortue.launch